About Us

FHTvirtual was developed to connect international groups and their sponsors to the virtual conferences, conventions and events held around the world. Together with our sister company, FHTglobal, we specialize in providing white-glove service to connect international attendees to global meetings and events. FHTglobal specializes in working onsite at in-person events, and FHTvirtual provides the complementing service of virtualizing the onsite experience for those that may not be able to travel.

Working with international sponsors, we develop customized platforms to allow sponsors to invite attendees to take part in global association conferences while at the same time creating a virtual environment that allows those sponsors to easily interact with their invited guests.

Together with our partners are Cadence, one of the premier virtual platform providers for the meetings and events industry, we have come up with a unique solution to help international sponsors and exhibitors continue to take part in global events, expanding their reach to potential clients through a robust system that combines the best of everything meetings & events have to offer.

Better Together

Our platform is not about virtual vs. in-person or providing an alternative to other industry events.  Rather it's about complementing the experience. There are many reasons why international guests may not have the ability to travel to an event, so our platform was created to provide the next best experience possible.  A way for participants to be and feel included in the larger community.

Invitations / Registration

International guests at a variety of global meetings are invited through various means. There is no one-size-fits-all, so there is no common scenario

  • Gives a sense of prestige to invited guests being welcomed to take part
  • Registration is managed through lengthy(ish) forms, but always supported by the FHT team
  • Quantity of participants may be limited due to costs associated with travel, meals, etc.
  • Just as prestigious to be invited, with a longer period of interaction
  • Registration managed directly with participants by our FHTvirtual Team
  • Broader range of participants due to fixed platform cost and ability to invite guests not normally anticipated for in-person travel
Traveling to the Event

Traveling internationally to an event can be daunting - from the flights to transfers to accommodations to the visiting a city or destination guests have never been to before.  It's part of the excitement of experiencing something new.  We don't let being virtual take away from that.

  • Enjoy the wonders of travel, which our team supports guests from start to finish - flights, transfers, accommodations and more.
  • Experience a new destination, or new experience in an old destination
  • Take in the sites, sounds and vibe of the city, ending in a plush hotel bed.
  • Miles & points.

  • Guests enjoy the wonders of extremely short distance travel from their bed to their computer... (sometimes no travel required)
  • Platform can have the look and feel as well as any relative information regarding any destination
  • Who doesn't love Netflix in their own bed?

One-on-One Networking

A key aspect of sponsoring guests to an event is to have the time to meet one-on-one to discuss potential future business opportunities. While meeting face-to-face is always ideal, it's not always possible

  • Generally held when a time can be found
  • Can be during breakfast, breaks, lunch or after hours
  • When and where is not always easy to lock down

  • Smart platform designs one-on-one appointment schedules based on everyone's ideal time
  • Calendar syncing ensures no meetings are missed
Sponsor Presentations

One of the most important reasons for inviting a specific group of guests to an event is the ability to provide insights into the business, educate on new products, and have great Q&A sessions.

  • Organized offsite from the main conference during off-hours so as not to interfere with the event
  • Presentations require additional A/V investments
  • Presentation is for those who are there at that time

  • Organized around a time best conducive to all
  • Minimal A/V required (everyone has a webcam!)
  • Live presentations include Q&A within the platform and open dialogue with participants
  • Missed it live?  It's available on-demand!
Networking Events

At the heart of face-to-face meetings is the ability to connect in person, talk, discuss, engage, get to know people... all the great things that happen around canapes and wine... or beer.... OK, or a cocktail.  

  • Opportunity to build new relationships with colleagues and partners
  • Venue in the city of the event which may leave a lasting impression
  • Mulitple opportunities to networking during one event
  • Virtual networking allows for development of conversations over a long period of time
  • Can be one-on-one or group discussions
  • Opportunity to connect with more people
  • Building a community over time
Convention Educational Sessions

The reason behind it all.  The conference, convention, business event.  The education that brings great minds together.  The opportunity for continuing education and earning those truly coveted "CEUs".

  • Ability to develop a personalized agenda enjoying the camaraderie of colleagues in session
  • Some sessions may be available only in person
  • More interaction during live sessions

  • Single Sign On (SSO) option for accessing the virtual convention provided by the organizer
  • Additional partner sessions to complement the education provided by the association
Tradeshow Experience

Outside of the education, this is the reason most attendees love to take part in global meetings and events.  The opportunity to visit the show floor.  See the latest and greatest, experience the hottest and newest, learn about something new before others.

  • Ability to experience the newest innovations in person
  • Opportunity to have first hand interaction with items that are on display
  • Connecting with the experts on the products in person
  • Ability to develop hyper-local display of products meant for the specific target audience
  • Presentation of services by those who are in the specific market of the attendee
  • Product available for view 24/7

The Workflow

For a clear picture on how our platform supports associations through sponsor-driven activity, the following schematic gives a clearer picture on the connection between our platform and the main association's virtual conference. 

Our Platform

Together with our partners at Cadence, we have developed a custom platform that is clean, simple and straight forward for use. It's designed to make the experience very user friendly, no matter the level of technical expertise of guests.


Our platform is developed by our team in collaboration with clients to make the look and feel based on their needs.


You have the idea, we make it come to life. No tech savvy expertise is needed here. We are available to do it all.


The platform is virtual and can be used effectively on a variety of devices, from computers to tablet to mobile phones.


Our system is designed for the global sponsor in mind - so platforms can be used in a variety of languages.


Our platform provides organizations with a rich array of options in order to present guests with great interactivity and education prior to or in conjunction with major association meetings.  Below are a few of the key features available to all platform users:


The welcome screen is simple and easy to navigate. While 3D and avatar based experiences are all the rage, we focus on the simplicity of getting things done. The first thing guests should be able to get from your platform is what is available to them and not figure out their avatar hair color.


Whether you would like to engage your audience through an interactive presentation or allow them to watch on their own time, our platform provides a clean and user friendly layout with robust features to present products, services & education to all with video, slides, live Q&A and more.


A very important component to any networking is the ability to engage one-on-one. Our platform has a special feature allowing users to schedule on-on-one appointments with guests, syncing to calendars and providing a private session room to allow for individual meetings


Our platform provides a space for interaction not just between your team and the guests, but between guests and other participants as well.  Organize chats and discussions amongst KOLs, SMEs and audience members or let them make their own!


Create dedicated spaces for guests to view products specific to the market you are working with.  This is not to replace the content presented in the global conference tradeshow but instead meant to complement it through targeted and hyper-local activations of products meant for your audience.


One of the key things our platform offers, with the permission of the global association conference, is your ability to have a single sign-on, where participants can log in through the sponsor platform and be redirected within the site to the association's virtual conference.  No need for multiple log-ins!

Additional features available also include


Quickly and effectively communicate anything, at any time, to anyone within the Cadence platform.


Build out a beautiful schedule that gets people excited and gives them an experience they’ll never forget.


See who else is at the event and get connected, then stay connected.


Quick access to your customer profile, which includes: biography, contact information, engagement history, and more!


Engage your audience with friendly competitions sparking that competitive fire.


Capture and share all of the amazing moments happening at your event


Our system integrates with a variety of online platforms like Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype & more


We provide lots of cool data to show you what is working and what's not and who is interested in what

... and much more!

The Benefits

Our service benefits different stakeholders in different ways


Our platform was developed to complement the virtual conferences which global associations may organize as part of their annual meetings. We provide a service that helps support the connection of international participants to global events when they are unable to attend in person, providing an extended level of service that helps support the individual attendees with white glove services and great attention.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Supporting international guests who may not be able to attend in person
  • Growing a potential membership base abroad through community
  • Ability to offer enhanced sponsorship opportunity to exhibitors


International sponsors of attendees to live meetings and events have often had to limit participation to just those that could travel. Our platform provides an opportunity for sponsors or events to invite guests in person and at the same time extend opportunities to participate to those that are unable to travel. The option could be strictly virtual or even hybrid in conjunction with live attendance at global events.

Some of the additional benefits include:

  • A portal to centralize service offerings to key clients and participants
  • A central networking locale for those onsite and at home
  • Creation of community between sponsors and guests for year-round interaction


There are many times that participants at global meeting may feel left out of opportunities due to a variety of reasons, including inability to travel, cost of participation in meetings, or lack of time to leave ones office or home.

Through our platform, participants have an extended experience at the virtual conference through greater interaction.

Key benefits for participants include:

  • Greater oportunities to attend global events
  • Ability to connect at a hyper-local level with other participants of global events
  • Year-round networking opportunities 


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